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We intend to develop new food and drinks products in 2012 for the Summer and Christmas seasons. We are also looking at new products to have with your coffee first thing in the morning i.e. a new range of breakfast, paninis, croissants, yoghurts, granola and fresh fruit!

In the Summer we will have a new range of iced coffees….i.e. your favorite coffee but iced for a great cool drink! We will also have a new range of iced fruit drinks and smoothies.

We are also looking at a new range of paninis, toasties and homemade sandwiches.

We hope you enjoy!

We are currently open every day from 8h00 to 22h00.

Caffè Espresso
Praça Da República
8650-356 Sagres Algarve

Phone: +351 282 620 040