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<b>Sagres</b>Find a Mareta Hotel in Algarve and surf the best waves.</br><span>Find Hotel</span>
SagresFind a Mareta Hotel in Algarve and surf the best waves.
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Sagres Holidays


Surrounded by spectacular surfing beachs on Portugal's West coast, Sagres is the perfect destination for a contemporary beach holiday.

It’s a place that’s about the balance in life – being active, getting among the elements, eating and drinking well, chilling out and getting cosy. Most of all, it’s about having a good time. 

The beach is on our doorstep, so from the moment you arrive the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged coastline are an ever-present reminder that here nature rules.

But inside our residences – from the bedrooms to the infinity pool – each has been created to bring you the best in contemporary Portuguese comfort.